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At Expo Exhibition Stands we provide a wide range of retail promotional display solutions to fit your demands and attract more visitor attention. With more than three decades of experience, we have partnered with India’s leading brands and brought their display needs to reality. From a kiosk or a foldable backdrop to a full-fledged activation stall, we have it all.

Whether you have a vision that has to be achieved or you want us to assist you, our team will create a coherent solution that will strengthen your brand. We collaborate with you to create an engaging space or a stunning activation, from pop-up stores to interactive retail displays and premium points of sale.

We create promotional displays that are specifically designed to promote your product and convey your message. Its elegant, minimalist style draws attention to your business and products. Our retail displays are the best combination that helps you promote while also making it easy for visitors to find what they're searching for.

Our professional and highly talented design team can ensure that your retail activation display is exactly in line with your brand needs. We provide a wide range of retail display solutions to fit your demands and assist you in selecting the best display for your product and service.

These retail displays are great for indoor as well as outdoor promotional spaces. Whether it is at a shopping mall, petrol pump, or even a housing society, our solutions cater to all kinds of indoor and outdoor space to increase your visibility and maximize your retail space investment. They let you showcase your products in a visually appealing style for your audience to notice.

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize

Seize every opportunity and generate high ROI with our highly efficient promotional displays

Modular retail display

Expo Exhibition Stands is a leading name in the design and production of modular retail displays. We have experience in providing solutions according to your needs. We will assist you on the optimum option for your budget and brand requirements, whether you require compact self-build, lightweight displays for shell scheme type of the area, or a complete structural stall to accommodate a larger space.

Reusable promotional displays

We create reusable promotional displays that help you save money while also improving your environmental reputation. This saves money and prevents the waste of resources that comes with destroying promotional displays after only one usage. And, if you're worried about the environment, a reusable promotional display solution should be a top priority. This means that your initial display design can be simply reconfigured to accommodate a completely new display area at different exhibitions and events.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Portable activation stall

Expo Exhibition Stands is the pioneer of portable activation stall in India. Our portable stalls are simple to assemble, lightweight to move, and compact, with larger exhibits fitting into a vehicle or a small van. If you build your activation stall, you'll appreciate how small and lightweight our stalls are when packed for travel. This mobility makes our stall ideal for brand activation events, retail promotions, and other types of mobile marketing, in addition to exhibition displays.

Self-build promotional display

Our self-build displays are an excellent choice whether you have a small team of one or a large army of staff. All of the self-build promotional displays are intended to be built by a single person, this means that all of our stand displays must be lightweight and robust, making them perfect for transporting to several events. You can pick from a wide range of compositions, materials, and forms that are interchangeable and flexible. Our self-build promotional display and counters can be found further down.

Our Portfolio

  • Thames-Side-Sensors-India
  • Applied-Materials
  • HK-Wentworth
  • JCB-Toys
  • Omron
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Adani
  • Dormakaba
  • BeckArnley

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We understand that to enhance your brand awareness and sales, the design of your retail display must be adaptable and simple to re-build for different events. It should be convertible to diverse floor sizes as well as different places inside the exhibition hall. Our experienced project managers plan each showdown to the smallest detail, ensuring that your customer’s retail experience is interesting and effective.

If you'd like to discover creative ideas for your promotional spaces or get a quote for an existing design, please contact us and we'll get back to you.

Our Case Studies

  • European Garment Equipment Manufacturer Reaches Out to Insta Group to Increase Brand Footprint
  • Our creative stand setup helped ITC Conglomerate achieve their business goals at the UP Summit
  • Insta Group’s Solutions Helped Electrical Equipment Giant Make the Best of Their BTL Marketing Strategies

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