Insta Group’s Solutions Helped Electrical Equipment Giant Make the Best of Their BTL Marketing Strategies

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Havells India Limited is one of the premier electronic equipment manufacturing companies headquartered in Noida, India. The company has a presence in 50 countries and hosts over 6,000 employees in its 23 branches.

Havells reached out to us with a unique proposition of creating booths that would showcase their entire range of products and their applications. The setups also needed to have good lighting so that the premium-quality and utility of the products were perfectly showcased. The brand wanted to create an experience for visitors to get the feel of their products. The motive of the brand’s participation wasn’t just to create hype but also to spread awareness about their range of products and generate orders at the venue.

Havells’ requirements:

  • To build experiential set-ups that could showcase their entire range of products along with their applications. The utility factor of the products had to be highlighted for attendees to see.
  • The lighting of the setups had to be aesthetically pleasing, showcasing the products in their full glory. Since the attendees were going to be contractors and dealers,.
  • The company wanted us to create an experience for attendees where they could get first hand experience of the products in application.
  • The setups they were creating were in 5 star hotels, so the aesthetic factor had to be on-point.

Our Solution:

We studied the needs of Havells and delivered them booths that were fit for the venue in size 600 sq. ft.:

    • The setups we provided were hybrid modular solutions that consisted of some back-lit structural panels. These setups are specially designed to make the products stand out and make the entire setup look extremely beautiful.
    • The company conducted 20 major conferences in 5-star hotel chains across top-tier cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Delhi.
    • Our booths were the perfect options because they were easy-to-install, portable, and extremely sturdy, which made it easy for the brand to place their setups in different locations without much hassle.
    • Apart from the booths, we also provided the company with our value added services like logistics, recce, design, installation, dismantling, storage, & maintenance.

Our after sales services have won the hearts of many, and we promise to abide by that.




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