Expo Prestige: An Ideal Solution For Professional Presentations

Expo prestige is a contemporary and cost-effective display solution that is flexible, lightweight, and compact for transport. A lot of exhibitors these days look for mobile exhibition stalls that are not only custom-designed but are also modular, scalable and reusable and expo prestige provides it all. Being a frequent exhibitor, you want your mobile exhibition stall to :

Be reused for numerous exhibitions, events, and conferences

Have multiple configurations to fit in different floor sizes

Save your exhibition time and budget

Be small, compact and easy to travel with

Give you the complete freedom to install and dismantle


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming exhibitions & events


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Expo Prestige Benefits

Flexible, versatile, and scalable

Doesn’t require specialized tools or labor to assemble and dismantle

Configurable into multiple combinations

Saves your set-up time, letting you focus your time on clients and brand presentations

Setup time for a 9m2 stand is 1 hour

Stand scaling up to 18sqm are compact enough to fit in the back of your car

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize


Lightweight and portable exhibition stands that promise reliability

For exhibitors looking for a one-time investment, our Expo Prestige systems are the ideal choice. Beyond being attractive and versatile our stands are durable. We believe in the resilience of our product, hence we offer a lifetime warranty on magnetic connections. We take great care when building our stand at our in-house manufacturing unit, to ensure its reliability. The reusability of our stand also makes them eco-friendly since there is less wastage.

Its compact build also works in its favour, since it can be transported in small vehicles. The entire structure can be portably packed in trolley cases. The trolley case itself can be converted into an exhibition counter making space constraints more manageable. Its tool-free design also a mean that no adhesive materials are needed which makes the entire assembly process waste-free.

Expo Prestige in Action

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Distinguishing features of Expo Prestige:-

Straight and curved versions are available

Integrated magnetic self-locking system

Precise graphic mounting due to integrated magnetic tape

High-resolution digital print with clear laminated graphic panels to ensure durability and UV protection

Can be used to make walls, headers, beams, and towers

Interesting variations made with Expo Prestige

Accessories to augment your Expo Prestige:-

Designed to suit every type of business and product, it comes with a variety of accessories to meet your exhibiting needs.

Connectors to build creative shapes

Expo Prestige comes with different modules that can be easily connected using a variety of pieces. These connecting pieces enable you to scale your stand into several shapes and layouts.

A flexible kit that offers multiple solutions

Our connectors come in flat and curved versions in wide variety of sizes. So whether you are looking to build an aisle stand, head stand, corner stand or row stand, Expo Prestige is the ideal kit to create your portable exhibition stand with ease.

Price inclusive services we promise:-

100% pre-build guarantee –We pre-built your stand at our facility in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. We then share its images and videos with you, so that you are ready.

Free 3D Design –We offer free 3D Designs on request

Extensive Network– We have our offices, warehouses, and experience centres in St. Leon-Rot, Germany. We have our south region showrooms in Olching and north region showroom in Norderstedt.

Graphic Printing –Our printing units are capable of printing large format graphics, while retaining its high quality look.

How Expo Prestige is an eco-friendly solution?

Reusable systems – Reduces scrap after the show

Clean manufacturing process

No chemical and harmful waste generated

LED Lighting – Consumes less electricity

Scalable, reusable, cost-effective, durable and portable.

Expo Prestige will help you grab the attention of your audiences and let you showcase your brand correctly. If you have any queries or doubts, then we are just a call away!

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