Modular Reusable System for Exhibition Stalls and Retail Promotional Events: Creeya

The search for a contemporary modular exhibition stand now has a name. Bridging the gap between conventional custom wood fabrication and modular stall construction, we present to you Creeya. Allowing myriad customized configurations, this modular exhibition stand is perfect because of its numerous features. These stands are highly portable, lightweight, and sleek, therefore, leaving maximum room for design concept inclusion.

Invest in Creeya to make the most out of your exhibition participation and draw the attention of your visitors towards your booth space. Designed to perfection all Creeya stands have pre-engineered parts that are reconfigurable according to exhibition stall space and requirements and its innovative locking & extension mechanism makes this exhibition system even more worthy of investment for a higher ROI.

Applicable to both small & large booth spaces these stands make use of lightweight material and installation can be done single-handedly, therefore, reducing labor cost!

Give your exhibition stall a professional look and feel with our budget-friendly range of Creeya stands and create walls, roofs, and rooms as per-requisite.

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize


Why choose Creeya:

The modular feature enables build stands as per space availability

Reusable in nature

Buy or Rent as per convenience

Customize your design from our gallery of 1000 + concepts

Tool-free installation and dismantle

Save on labour – no skilled labour required

Changeable fabric graphics

Cost-effective modular stall over 3 – 4 event executions (exhibitions or promotional events)

Save on freight costs – Most of the stalls can be folded and flat packed to fit into compact vehicles or small trucks

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Advantages of Creeya:


Thanks to Creeya’s pre-engineered modular components, these setups can be easily dismantled, packed into dedicated cases, and can be stored and transported without any glitch. The transport boxes come with wheels to enable smooth transit and are available in two sizes. One 3X3 exhibition stall can fit into 2 cases while one 3m back wall for promotion can fit into one compact case.


When you buy Creeya stall, they come with individual components that are made of aluminium with steel base. The components consist of frame elements, fabric graphics and LED lamps to illuminate your graphic message or imagery. In case of any missing components for a future stall, they can be bought individually as spares later.


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming exhibitions or events


Get a free 3D design for your upcoming show

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Self-build structures

Setting up your stall at the fairground is even easier now because of its self-build features of Creeya. We provide a set up manual that gives step by step instructions on setting up your Creeya exhibition stall. You just need to follow the steps on the manual and build the stall.

Interchangeable Graphics

Creeya modules have standard size for frame and graphic. So now you don’t need to stick to a single graphic since you can interchange it for every possible show. Design new graphics as per your exhibition needs and use them accordingly. The graphics are made of fabric medium and can be easily folded and transported to the exhibition ground and attached to the structure.

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