Why rent when you can own an Exhibition Stall?

Why rent when you can own an Exhibition Stall?

An exhibition stall is an essential element for any exhibitor during an event. It is observed that 40% of your overall budget goes into the exhibition space and the design you pick. Companies keen to participate in an exhibition often have a dilemma of whether to have an exhibition stall on rent or to actually purchase it. Buying an exhibition stalls might seem an overwhelming decision, especially for companies who are exhibiting for the first time or are seasonal exhibitors with budget constraints. But, at the forefront, it serves as the most lucrative way to make the most of your exhibition stall as owing an exhibition has its own perk and is not that heavy on the budget.

Purchasing an exhibition stall for long-term use depends upon your requirement. Whether you want to do your company rebranding or are planning to attend multiple shows, it serves as an ideal option in the long run. Carefully considering every aspect, buying can ensure to make a cost-effective and sustainable option for your company today and into the future. And therefore, we have jotted down four major benefits of purchasing an exhibition stalls.

Ideal for Multiple Shows

Ideal for Multiple ShowsBuying a stall is always a favoured option if your company often takes part in exhibitions to save the recurring costs of rent. If you own a booth, you have the freedom and right to exhibit in an exhibition show whenever you want, as setting up a stall at the eleventh hour is excluded, thus subsiding hassle. Also, having the same floor plan in all shows and with no change in the booth design (excluding graphics) can be a cost-effective solution.

For example: If you constructed and bought a 1, 50,000 INR exhibit and used it at three shows within a year, you could still use it for the next three to five years and only incur ongoing expenditures. But if you rented the same for 50,000 per show, at the end of the year, you'd have paid approximately the same 1, 50,000 INR but would not be able to use in the later years.

Brand Consistency

Brand ConsistencyYour business growth is directly affected by brand consistency as it has a massive impact on the credibility and clarity of your business. Having an exhibition stall on your own will help you develop firm strategies and build brand consistency in every exhibition. Maintaining it would enable you to communicate the right brand message across your qualified prospects and help in brand recall.

Save on Budget

Save on Budget Once you own a modular exhibition stall, you can save up on your installation charges as you can easily assemble the stall on your own with the right guidance, thus saving your labour charges. It comes in compact sizes, thus reducing your shipping costs. Buying might seem an expensive option, but in reality, purchasing an exhibition stall is an economical solution as you can use it whenever you want it and the charge will simply get covered after you take part in a few shows that will yield a good return on investment for your business.

Easily Customizable

Easily CustomizableWhen you purchase a modular exhibition stall, it is truly all yours! You can modify each and every element according to your requirement, without much restriction or any limitations; the booth can be as distinctive as you want it to be. It enables you to change your graphics without many expenses easily. You can even reconfigure your purchased booth at other venues by getting in touch with your exhibition partner.

For example: if you want a unique hanging structure or showcase for your products, then you can have the options to get it developed as per your specifications.

Participating in an exhibition gives a competitive edge for your business, and owning an exhibition stall would help you scrutinize the effectiveness of an event and your marketing strategy. There are a few stall builders in India who not only sell but take care of every detail of your stand from start to end. Purchasing a modular exhibition stall in India works as an asset for your company. So, next time you plan to take part in a show, you know what to do.



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