Why are Self-build exhibition stalls the new cool!

Why are Self-build exhibition stalls the new cool!

Exhibitions are a great place to demonstrate a business idea, meet both old and new prospects, study consumer behavior, analyze competitor activity, share information and build long-lasting business relationships. Exhibitions are the most preferred BTL marketing activity in this time and age.

And like we know, all of this comes at a cost, of both time and money. And when we make these decisions we expect to receive the best possible returns. Therefore, a lot of exhibitors today prefer modular exhibition stall, that are portable, reusable, and self-build in nature! These features alongside implementing the latest cutting edge technology and trends to the modular exhibition stall attract maximum visitors whilst keeping budget in mind!

Still, confused if self -build exhibition stall is your calling?

Here are 4 reasons why self-build exhibition stalls are the new cool:

Cost-effective: what if you buy an exhibition stall to cut down the future expenses of renting out a modular exhibition stall each time to decide to participate in an event but later end up hiring help, to help build your stall? Will this help? Of course not. Hiring help to build your exhibition stall will again account for an expense. In such cases, the self-build exhibition stalls win hearts! The self-build exhibition stalls are not only cost-effective since they can be built by a single individual by reading through the user manual, but they are reusable in nature and portable too!

Lightweight: Unlike traditional exhibition stalls, the self-build exhibition stalls are lightweight. These modular exhibition stalls are generally constructed using lightweight material, therefore, enabling easy and hassle-free installation and dismantle. If the need arises these stalls can be built by a single person on the exhibition floor without any help! So if you are looking to cut down on your exhibition stall cost, we would suggest you buy an exhibition stall that is modular and self-build in nature.

Flexibility: unlike previously, wherein exhibition stalls did not have flexibility in terms of usage, the modern-day modular exhibition stalls are flexible with a simple configuration. Which means they can be configured to many different size and shape, based on current need and requirements. These reusable exhibition stalls can be built as it is or can be also used in parts and pieces using the same hardware. E.g. if you have a bigger space allocated in an event, you can use the entire set-up and in case of a small mall activation set-up, you can go ahead and use the counter along with the backdrop to work just fine!

Potable: one of the obvious benefits of a self-build exhibition stall is its portability feature. These stalls though lightweight, are quite sturdy and can be used multiple times without much damage. Also since these are modular parts, they are easy to dismantle post-event and can be broken down into smaller, more manageable components and packed into compact bundles which can later be easily dumped at the back of your car to transport it to different locations. If you are a business house, that participates in multiple events and wants to save expenses on exhibition stall transportation, opt-in for a portable stall. These portable stalls work just fine!

Conclusion: to sum it up a self-build exhibition stall comes with a bagful of advantages in comparison to its counterpart, the traditional exhibition stall. Whether you are a newbie or an industry expert a modular exhibition stall with a unique design and modern-day feature only adds up to your overall performance at the fairground. You not only grab audience attention but raise standards for your competitor and open up the new business opportunity!



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