Small Exhibition Stalls That Make a Big Impression

Small Exhibition Stalls That Make a Big Impression

Exhibitors are expecting more and more from participation, and at the same time, the stall space at the events is becoming more and more expensive. That is why most exhibitors are forced to opt for smaller self-build exhibition stalls. Smaller stalls can develop their own charm and be successful.

It is generally believed that a smaller collapsible exhibition stall will automatically make less of an impact. However, that is really not the case. A small budget doesn't have to be ineffective. One might get the idea that a smaller space has less to offer visitors. But with a few exhibition stall ideas, you can turn the smaller space to your advantage by concentrating on your personal touch and an intensive connection with the visitors to your exhibition stall. Nevertheless, there are a few important aspects that you should not forget about your exhibition stall while participating in your next exhibition in India:

Choose your staff wisely

Make sure that your visitors have a fantastic experience at your stall space- especially when you have little money to invest. Opt for a lively and open-minded booth staff. It has to be friendly and committed to attract visitors to your stall space and convey your marketing message. Wear uniform clothing so that they are easier to identify. Find a good balance in clothing that should be eye-catching but not embarrassing employees. After all, they want to be proud of the brand they represent.

Rely on lighting

Light is an extremely powerful instrument that can change the mood and atmosphere of your self-build exhibition stall and can often be used very cheaply in a smaller setting. With the right lighting, you can highlight your products so that they can be seen from a distance. Instead of making things complicated, focus on one product by using many different lighting effects in a small space.

Go digital

If you do not have the opportunity to present products or services at the exhibition stall rely on digital. In this way, you can present something to the visitors without your stall appearing overloaded and rather confusing the visitors. You can also turn it into a game by having the right code found that will win a prize in a digital raffle. Just because you can't present specific items on your stand doesn't mean you can't add value otherwise.

Stay consistent

With a self-build exhibition, focus on a simple marketing message so nothing is lost. Make sure that every square meter of the mobile exhibition stall does its job and does not dilute your core message. With a small stand, there is a risk that you will not be able to present yourself optimally. Try to get your message across simply and effectively and use your stand perfectly for this.

Use technology

Just because you have a small booth or a small budget doesn't mean you can't use cheap technical tools to give visitors an extra incentive. Then you have the opportunity to get in touch with them and spend valuable time with them. Always weigh the costs of the technology against the benefits. If you’re unaware of it and are in search of innovative ideas, then hiring experienced stall fabricators like Expo Exhibition Stands India can be a lucrative way to make the most out of your next event.

Use social media

Before and during the event, encourage event attendees to follow you on social media. This is how you can build long-term relationships. Feel free to let them know how valuable they are to you. Also, you can use all channels to offer live streaming. You can also initiate question and answer sessions with Tweets. For example, the first ten participants to visit your stand can win a prize.

Be kind

The advantage of a self-build exhibition stall compared to the massive "corporate" stands is that you appear more personal and more accessible. Use this to make sure you are always friendly, that you are willing to be of service to other people, and to demonstrate that you are as interesting as those neighboring big booths.


Regardless of the lack of space or budget, it is always better to come up with ideas to get your visitors' attention. Otherwise, an exhibition won't work for you or your brand. The personal touch is ideal for capitalizing on it. By creating relationships with visitors, even the smallest brands can thrive.



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