Six tips for building a creative exhibition stall design

Six tips for building a creative exhibition stall design

How do visitors find the stall that they weren’t even aware of? How do they discover, which stall is interesting and which stall isn’t? What can exhibitors do to make their stall, the interesting one, out of other stalls that fill the exhibition show space? Here are our six tips to make your exhibition stall stand out from the crowd.

1. Put your best foot forward Your exhibition stall is the face of your company at the exhibition show. So invest a lot of money into its design. An exhibition stall price is a good indicator of its design and builds quality. An attractive, high-quality stall design will generate more footfall at your stall. Then, you need to train your staff for the event. Your staff is responsible for converting prospects into customers. So make sure that not only is your staff trained well at communication, their dressing style is also impeccable. Every prospect is, after all, a chance to gain a new customer or advocate for your brand.

2. Look at the competition Useful for getting exhibition stall ideas for your own stall design. If you are new to exhibiting, trying to break into a new industry, or exhibition show then this kind of research is quite useful. Not only will you get inspired towards better, more effective designs. By observing the competition, you can also come up with inferences that help your own strategies for when you exhibit at the trade show. You also get the opportunity to subvert expectations and create an innovative and novel exhibition stall design at your targeted industry show.

3. Lean designs are more memorable As any reputed exhibition stall design company will tell you. You stall should not be designed as a museum to stroll around but a habitat that showcases the USP your brand offers. When you clutter your stand with every possible product and visual distraction, the message from your brand is lost in the visual noise. Stick to a few products or services that have a common theme to them. This will make your brand stick in the minds of your visitors. It will also make it easy for your target audience to discover your brand at the exhibition show.

4. Divide your exhibition show into zones For visitors to navigate your booth more easily, it’s advisable to divide your exhibition stall in at least two to three zones. In the front, a reception and a product display with some of your more appealing products are recommended. The middle zone should be for communicating with prospects who have shown interest in your products, so some comfortable chairs, tables, and brochure stands, and a coffee machine if possible. The storage area should be kept in the rear, the ideal being a facade wall or storage container.

5. Use large motifs for your graphic wall Your exhibition wall is like a large advertising space for your brand. So it makes sense that you should get creative with it. Having a large motif-style design printed across your exhibition wall, helps your exhibition stall stand out from other exhibition stalls. You can have two divergent motif-style designs for the background and the foreground to make your stall pop-out and look bigger. Adding LED backlighting behind these motif-style graphic walls you can create creative color combinations and lighting effects that quite literally grab the attention of visitors.

6. Go digital Smartphones are useful at exhibition shows and every visitor is guaranteed to carry one. With the use of QR codes and apps, you can demonstrate your product to ask visitors to take a survey, give them discounts and store credit, create an account for them at your online store or use them to collect contact information.

So there you have it. Six tips to help you build a more creative exhibition stall. If you want to know where to buy an exhibition stall we at Expo Exhibition Stands can help you. We offer dozens of creative stall designs with exhibition stall services that make your exhibiting services hassle-free.



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