Modern Technology That Can Make Your Stall Attractive

Modern Technology That Can Make Your Stall Attractive

The pandemic has pushed people to find a new way to communicate with each other, and the exhibition industry did the same. But the challenge of standing out against competitors with a flashier stall remains the same.

Fortunately, several event technology options are available to help exhibitors build an attractive stall. Here are our top technology stall ideas to help you attract people to your stall and engage with them.

1. Organize an Exciting Contest for your Visitors

Organizing an exciting contest is an excellent strategy to get people enthusiastic about coming to your stall. You can use various gadgets such as virtual reward wheels, gaming applications, and social media contests to attract more crowds.

Building a gigantic jeopardy wall is most exciting gig you can do at your stall. You can personalize the board by answering questions about your own company or industry or attending the event. Guests can interact with the wall directly, or you can conduct a full game complete with buzzers, timers, and scorekeeping. Make sure to give out goodies as rewards to the winners, and you'll soon have a crowd gathering around your stall.

2. Start Engaging on Social Media

Exhibitions allow you to interact with your customers in person while also communicating online. Promoting social media networking is essential if you want to continue the conversation after the event. A solid social media presence increases the reach of your exhibition well further the confines of your venue.

While it requires some preparation, creating a social media wall and controlling social discussion is an excellent method to build attention. Include highlighted articles, freebies, event photographs, and videos to elevate your game further.

3. Provide a Phone Charging Point at your Stall

It would be best to empathies with your visitors. Their feet are fatigued, their bag is overflowing with the haul, and their phone battery is at 5%. And they come across your mobile charging point and a comfortable place to sit at your stall. Offering a free phone charging point at your stall is an excellent approach to attract exhibition guests and establish a good connection with your business right away.

When installing a charging station, you can have it customized with your brand's colors and slogan. While charging their phones, customers can look at your adjacent collateral or other materials to discover what you are offering to them to help their business thrive.

4. Virtual Reality (VR)

We can't escape reality, but the dream world can be more enjoyable. These virtual reality systems fit in seamlessly with exhibitions. If your product is too large to display at an exhibition, it can be converted to virtual reality. Allow people to have a spin.

Create some entertaining exhibition activities that use virtual reality if you want to give your guests a larger-than-life experience. Perform a virtual reality demo. Contact companies that specialize in developing virtual reality experiences for exhibitions. As a result, everyone who visits your stall will have a memorable experience.

5. Last but not least, Make your Exhibition Stall Stand Out

Of course, there is no specific recipe for an exhibition’s success. There is usually an element of surprise during significant events. Some of your ideas may appear to be the most pleasing shots until everything falls apart. On the other side, an unexpected interaction may surprise a prospect more than you expected.

Set yourself up for success while organizing an exhibition. Remember that the goal of your exhibition is to build a relationship with the target audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of your viewers. Because they're looking at other firms.

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

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