How Expo Exhibition Stands India Helped German Brand VEKA in Achieving Success with their Roadshows

Veka is a renowned name and a market leader in the uPVC segment is headquartered in Sedenhorst, Germany. The company delivers customized solutions for windows and doors that can withstand harsh environments.

The brand approached us with the requirement for an activation set up that could be installed in 7-8 hours and could display their entire range of products. The products they were bringing to the table were a breakthrough in window building technology and they wanted their set-ups to be equally outstanding. They wanted us to create an immersive experience for their customers where they could see the products in action. We also had to take care of the height restrictions since the events they were engaged in were held in 5-star hotels.

Veka’s Requirements:

  • Set-ups that would take less than 8 hours to build and be capable of showcasing their ground-breaking window technology in its full glory.
  • The deliverables had to be built to fit inside hotel spaces with height restrictions since the events were scheduled inside 5-star hotels.
  • The setups we were providing had to be resilient since they were part of multiple roadshows in cities like Madurai, Coimbatore, Mysore, Vijayawada, Lucknow, and more.

Our Solutions:

We studied Veka’s products and their requirements closely and delivered our custom modular set-ups in size 3000mm X 8000mm:

    • We delivered our custom modular solutions to Veka for their programs as these are easy-to-install and require less manpower too. These solutions were perfect because apart from their lesser prep time, they can also be molded to fit products according to the customer’s ideations.
    • Our products were used by the company in many of their events throughout their marketing calendar.
    • The deliverables were made with classy designs in mind because the venues were 5-star hotels and the attendees were high-profile clients. The company was focusing on Architects, Builders, and Contractors.
    • We not only provided Veka with our set-ups but other value-added services too like Recce, Designing, Production, Printing, Logistics, set-ups installation and dismantling too.

    Expo Exhibition Stands India focuses on providing its customers with services and products that help them achieve their business goals. We have been in the industry for quite a long time and have delivered our range of products to many clients across the globe.

    If you are looking to buy customized event set-ups, we are your partners. Give us a call on +91-9167246768 and we will help you out.



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