Read how We Enhanced Hitachi’s Exhibition Experience

Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Ltd a division of the Hitachi group are a Japanese premium living space creators.

Hitachi approached us for a quick setup that was easy to install and more importantly was reusable since they were to attend multiple shows in the year. The brand also wanted us to provide something that was high-quality as that had premium products at hand.

Hitachi’s requirements:

  • Hitachi had multiple events lined up for the year which consisted of two main exhibitions Acrex and India Green Building Congress for which they wanted a large setup about 50-100sqm.
  • Their second requirement was a smaller setup, since they were also attending 20-30 other Dealer meets in India which they were going to sponsor/organize/participate in.
  • Hitachi also wanted us to provide solutions that were easy to install and dismantle as they had multiple shows to attend in the top 15-20 cities. Their target audience was mainly architects and builders.

Our Solutions:

We conducted a thorough research on the shows they were attending. After going through Hitachi’s requirements we provided them with the following solutions.

The Big events - Exhibitions:

  •  Hitachi attends multiple events in a year with their focus being mainly on Acrex and India Green Building Congress; we provided them a large hybrid solution with our Luminy backlit modular system. Even though this was a large setup, it was quick and easy to install and required minimal labor to setup completely. The designs were created in a way that the brand name was visible for all corners of the venue.
  • We made sure that the build was sturdy and there were spaces to hold their products and protect them from any kind of damage.

The Builder / Architect meets & events :

  • There were plenty of architect meets that the brand was attending for the year. So, we provided them with small setups of Creeya. We provided them these kits in quantity since there were many venues for the brand to cover.
  • These setups were made from high quality pre-engineered aluminium which is extremely sturdy and yet light weight to carry around.
  •  All in all the setups were portable and this made the logistics and transportation easy for them
  • All setups provided to the brand including the large ones are reusable and the brand has been using them for many events across the country.

We have catered to Hitachi since 2016 and have built a lasting connection with the brand. We are still providing them with our value added services till date.



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