Here is Why and How you should launch a product/service at an exhibition! 

Here is Why and How you should launch a product/service at an exhibition!

Exhibitions or trade shows are a great platform to meet new prospects and showcase products or service offering to a huge gathering. Trade shows allow participants to live demonstrate their products, captive audience, and are also an ideal way to communicate with your target audience directly and receive feedback so that further improvisation and quality checks can be performed!

Launching a new product or service at a trade show is an excellent way to maximize exposure and connect directly with consumers. The right trade show with careful marketing surely helps leverage and increase sales.

Are you still wondering if it is a good idea to launch your product at the next trade show?

Below listed are three reasons why you should launch your product at an exhibition.

  • A vast number of attendees at the show: Exhibitors participate in trade shows wherein they expect maximum footfalls, and what good are those attendees if you cannot reach out to them with your product or service offering. So before you decide upon your launch strategy, have a word with your exhibition stall designer and give them a brief on what you want and let them suggest the best possible means on how you could achieve them. Pro tip: try booking a corner stand at the show to help catch the attention of many at the exhibition!

  • Industry-specific audience:Another reason why you should be launching your product or service at an exhibition is you will be around the same or spectator from the related field. Hence you could give yourself a breather by not explaining your audience about the product or service from scratch like you had to in case if you had visitors from another field! Here you could promote your product immediately. Hence your exhibition stall design must comply with your product or service offering in hand and make the launch process smooth.

  • Maximum exposure:The best part about participating and launching your product or service at an exhibition is they are prone to maximum exposure! And with maximum exposure and an excellent exhibition stall design, you can create a meaningful and impactful presence with your product at the exhibition.

  • Excited much to launch your product at the next exhibition? Here are three ways HOW you could DO IT:

  • Choose the right event:Participating in exhibitions can be a costly affair because of the end number of expenses associate with it. Hence even the right exhibition stall design could yield no result; if you do not select the correct event, you wish to be part of! So here’s a way out! Google it up! Look at upcoming events and see what events competitors are part of, along with the proximity of the location from the airport if you are considering visitors from around the globe, hotels, and eateries nearby, etc. Also remember to plan for the event well in advance and discuss your ideas with the exhibition stand manufacturer and opt for portable stalls that are light-weight, DIY, and easy to transport!

  • Product/Service specific Booth Design:What better way to attract your audience than to design your booth at par with the product or service in hand that you wish to promote. Consider you are a gaming company, and you want to promote your latest game. so how about designing your booth in a manner that goes with the product launch. E.g., its bubble burst game. Ask your exhibition stand manufacturer to help you create a modular exhibition stand that is like a bubble in itself. Alongside keep enough space inside the booth so that your customers can come, sit, play, and enjoy or experience the game in a similar artificially created setup.

  • Use social media optimally:Social media could be your best friend if you know how to use it optimally! Make the most out of the free and paid version of social media and publicize your modular exhibition stall far and wide! You could also create a contest or trend over a meme or hashtag and get the crowd talking about your brand and the product in hand, that you wish to launch! E.g., your product is a hand sanitizer. And understanding the situation we are in today, instead of creating a meme, what you could do is create a hashtag or conduct a campaign on Corona virus and how the sanitizer could protect them and help fight the deadly COVID-19.

  • Though these are few ways on how one could win over competition and help increase sales by launching your product or service at an exhibition, never forget the golden rule of “Attract-Acquire-Retain.” Reconsider all ways on how you can attract visitors to your exhibition stall, acquire or convert them to possible clients and retain them for as long as possible with your offerings!



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