Four Practical Reasons to Purchase a Portable Stall

Four Practical Reasons to Purchase a Portable Stall

For a travelling or regular exhibitor, portable exhibition stalls provide an easy way for companies to showcase their brand and products at different venues with the option to redesign them to suit their target audience. For SMEs, having a large, custom exhibition stall can be expensive and cumbersome, especially if they are just looking to get their feet wet in the exhibiting scene. In such cases to buy portable exhibition stalls is a safer bet to begin with for budding exhibitor.

A portable stall provides an attractive way to impose your brand at conferences, shows, or simply make your corporate space look more attractive your reception counter or corporate lobby. Portable stalls let you carry your brand message with you. They are quite flexible to graphical changes, they are cost-effective to use, and easy to store and transport.

Here are some distinct advantages that portable stalls offer that you should consider.


A portable stall is built to be reused more than once. Its graphics can be changed, modified, or updated based on what your brand requires, at the moment. A portable stall that is European engineered is even better, since it comes with a connector system. This system lets you can connect wall brackets and extenders to augment your stall and transform it into a new structure. This saves costs since you only need to shell out money for graphics and accessories. Dependable portable stalls also have a long shelf-life, since they are engineered to be use several times in an exhibiting year. And, if they are stored properly they can serve you for years.

Easy to store and set-up

You don’t need to call your chosen stall designer in Mumbai, to set up your stall. Portable stalls are tool-free and don’t require specialised training or staff to assemble. In most cases, the setup manual that comes with your stall purchase shows you how to set-up your stall. If that isn’t enough for you, than your stall designer can make and provide video tutorials or provide installation training at their warehouse. Portable stalls are built to be easy to set-up, dismantle and store, their frame is foldable and light weight. Its unique designed square profile makes it easy to store into trolley cases. This makes it easy to carry and transport your portable stand into the back of an MUV.

Reduces expenses in the long term

A portable stall brought from professional stall builders, will last for a long time. You can easily use it 10 to 12 times in a year, even more than that, if properly stored. So for example, a regular exhibitor who purchases a portable stall for exhibiting in 10 different shows will save 10x the money he would have had to otherwise invest if he had rented 10 different stalls. A reliable stall designer will also ensure that any sort of risk is mitigated by providing a warranty.

Redesigning is simple

Portable stalls are designed for easy, quick installation and dismantling. Magnetic bands fitted on the frame, makes it easy for an exhibitor to place or remove graphics. Along with graphics, you can also change crucial accessories such as lights, shelves, wall brackets, mounts, counters, screens, and carpets and customise them to match your marketing goals.

These reasons make portable stalls a viable purchase for diverse range of exhibitors with a wide range of experience and budget.

Where to buy exhibition stall?

Well, Expo Exhibition Stands  India has a wide catalogue of portable stalls, but you are free to look for other options as well. Just keep in mind that the stall contractor your choose has the requisite experience and can guarantee quality.



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