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Looking for reusable exhibition stalls in India on a shoestring budget? Expo Exhibition Stands is your best bet!


If you are an SME, entrepreneur, or a start-up looking for a lucrative exhibition stall in India on a tight budget, then look no further. Expo Exhibition Stands is an experienced stall design company in India that provides European quality DIY reusable exhibition stalls starting from 9m2 – 50m2 at a competitive price.

We have a history of more than 40 years in the European exhibition industry and over a decade of experience in India. You can count on us to design and manufacture your exhibition stall in the right hands.

Get to know a few of our exhibition stalls services:

Simple Stall Finder Tool

With our unique stall finder tool, you can access to more than 100 European exhibition stall designs in India at a touch of a button. Simply select your desired stall type and size, and you will get to know exactly how your exhibition stall in India will look like along with its exact price. These attractive designs can be accessed in the comforts of your home or office.

Exhibition Stall Design & Build

Our experienced in-house designers will work together with you to design the perfect exhibition stand that will perfectly appeal to the desired target group at the exhibition. To ensure the promised quality of your exhibition stalls, they are manufactured exclusively in our in-house production facilities at Vasai, Haridwar and Delhi NCR.

Seamless Exhibition Stall Graphics

At Expo Exhibition Stands, we print the message of your graphics using top-quality vinyl or fabric graphics in our in-house printing units i.e. in Vasai, Haridwar, and Delhi NCR. We ensure that your exhibition stall graphics are created under strict quality controls and with great attention to detail.

Assured 100% Pre-built Guarantee

We offer our clients a 100% pre-assembly warranty, in which your exhibition stall is set up weeks in advance in our warehouse. Once your stall is ready in our warehouse, then we will share the pictures of your completed exhibition stall.

Why Rent When You Can Buy

Own your exhibition stall setup. Use it for other internal events or office branding when not being used at the exhibition show.

Staff Training & Setup tutorials

Our DIY exhibition stalls are easy to set up and require less or no tools. When it comes to stall assembly, we provide complete setup instructions including training your staff. Moreover, we offer stall installation tutorials that will help you in the long run.

After-sales support

We understand that aftercare support is crucial for you and your clients. This is why our exhibition stalls come with an extended warranty on all reusable products. We provide spare parts and repairs for wear and tear and damage during use.

On-site Support

If DIY is not your thing or if you need an expert for assembling and dismantling your exhibition stall, then we’re just a phone call or an email away!

If you expect the best advice and a first-class exhibition stall in India within your budget, then contact Expo Exhibition Stands.






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