Creating a Lasting Impression: How Expo Exhibition Stands Helped Dormakaba Stand Out

Dormakaba is a merger between two well-known companies, DORMA and Kaba, both known for their expertise in access solutions. Since 2015, Dormakaba Group has rapidly established itself as one of the leading providers in the global security and access solutions market.

Dormakaba wanted to showcase their offerings across cities, and for that, they needed exhibition stands that could accommodate their products aesthetically. They contacted us at Expo Exhibition Stands India to create custom modular stands that met their requirements.

Dormakaba's requirements:

  • Offering the perfect blend of security and functionality, they wanted to showcase their innovative automatic locking systems and heavy glass doors that can be used in both residential homes as well as commercial sites
  • They wanted their heavy products to remain stable even during busy exhibition hours.
  • They were targeting four cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore & Chennai. They needed stands that could be used across these cities

Our Solution:

  • As the lock systems were automatic, the heavy glass door vibrated while opening and closing. To address this issue, we provided them with our sturdy custom modular stands. The stand could be refurbished from 9 sqm to 24 sqm.
  • Their products, automatic locking systems, and glass doors were showcased aesthetically. And the product showcase remained in place throughout the events.
  • We also provided four exhibition stands of 9 sqm for small exhibitions
  • Our team designed backlit logos on the facade, which instantly grabbed the audience's attention as these logos were visible from afar.
  • We also used various techniques to enhance the stands' aesthetic appeal, creating a lasting impression among visitors
  • We provided power outlets for laptops, phone charging points, and an adequate number of chairs around the reception area, etc., so visitors could interact with them conveniently during such events.

The Result:

  •   Our team's dedication towards customer satisfaction has enabled us to deliver projects for Dormakaba successfully.
  • They performed across multiple cities - Mumbai, Delhi, Coimbatore & Chennai efficiently within a given time frame and budget constraints, which further resulted in increased brand visibility and improved ROI for our clients.

Let us help you make your event memorable by providing custom set-ups tailored to meet any occasion.

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