Ideal for Unified Presence at Exhibitions:

Buying exhibition stall in India is more cost-effective if you have a similar floor plan from exhibition to exhibition, or have a regular show calendar and you’re happy to have the same branding and look at each exhibition.

Buying exhibition stall will work out to be more cost-effective if you use the same stand at least 6-8 times a year over two years.

When should you buy an exhibition stall in India?

  • •You can participate in exhibitions more than twice a year
  • •You want the freedom to build and break down the stall yourself. You do not need to outsource your stall assembly to a stall builder
  • •You want to have the same appearance on multiple exhibitions
  • •You want to save costs per exhibition participation
  • •You can also use exhibition equipment at other meetings, such as conferences and presentations

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Why buy a reusable exhibition stall from Expo Exhibition Stalls India?

If you are looking to buy exhibition stalls in Mumbai or elsewhere in India, then look no further. At Expo Exhibition Stands, we provide reusable octanorm stall for sale and reusable exhibition stalls starting from 9 m2 - 50 m2. Backed by an experience of more than 15 years, we provide in-house design, production, printing, training and delivery all under one umbrella. Apart from that, we provide:

100% pre-assembly guarantee : We pre-build your stall 100% in our in-house manufacturing unit in Delhi NCR or Mumbai so that you can be assured that your exhibition stall will match your brand needs and will be delivered promptly.

Assembly manuals : Our online videos and accurate assembly instructions guarantee trouble-free assembly and disassembly of your portable display exhibition stall in India.

Free designs throughout the entire life cycle : Once you buy an exhibition stall from us, then you are privileged to get a free 3D design for different occasions throughout the life of the stall.

Unique Stall Finder Tool : We have got more than 200+ custom-made stall designs for you to choose from along with all-inclusive pricing. Also, these designs can be easily accessed through a simple tool on our website, wherein you have to select the stall size and stall type and then browse through over 200 creative stall designs in just a few clicks.

Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200 + contemporary stall designs to customize
Find your ideal stall design now
Browse through 200+ contemporary stall designs to customize

What makes us unique?

Our reusable exhibition stalls consist of individual components, which you can easily connect to each other. This makes your stand easy to pack & unpack, transport and store it.

By reconfigurable, we mean that we mean that we can change its graphics, shelves, or arm lights. Moreover, you can augment the size of your existing stall. For example, an exhibition stall of 30 m² can be converted into 20 m², 12 m², and 6 m². And every new layout has its own unique design. Such a scalable stand opens up countless new possibilities, has a unique look, and is ideal for changing market conditions.

Be inspired by our collection with more than 100 designs. All stall designs are adaptable so that they fully meet the look you want.

All exhibition stalls are tailor-made and are supplied for all-inclusive prices. That way you know exactly where you stand and you will never be faced with financial surprises.

Our mobile exhibition stalls are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We produce as economically as possible, and you can use your exhibition stall again and again.

Buying exhibition stall from Expo Exhibition Stalls India offers plenty of experience and makes potential customers enthusiastic. This makes selling easier for your sales team.

Our manufacturing centers and storage areas are based out in Vasai, Haridwar, and Delhi NCR in India. Because of their central location, we can deliver your exhibition stall quickly.

The result will convince you in terms of quality as well as the economic efficiency of our modular exhibition stall systems. You benefit from our commitment, knowledge, wealth of experience, and distinctive service. Our main goal is your perfect appearance.

If you are confused about where to buy exhibition stall in India from an experienced stall designer and manufacturer, then we are just a call away. For a free design or professional design advice, you can contact our specialists via email at or by telephone on +91-9167 246768.

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