3 key features to consider, for your next exhibition stall design.

3 key features to consider, for your next exhibition stall design

Participating in exhibitions can be a frightful, if not planned properly. Exhibition participation comes with its own set of baggage and to return successfully from an exhibition the participants must first address a few basic questions before they move on to the complex ones. Few basic questions involve: selecting the right exhibition to be a part of, selecting the ideal exhibition stall designer, deciding upon renting or buying an exhibition stall online/offline, followed by selecting the right set of representatives at the stall, and many more... And once these points are decided upon, it does not end there! It is then followed by a host of others.

One key question being, how do we stand out?

Remember, at the fairground, you would be surrounded by many others and hence your exhibition stall must stand out. And one of the best ways to stand out is through your exhibition stall design. By creating a unique exhibition stall design you not only grab the attention of your audience but knowingly-unknowingly you instill your brand's image in the mind of your viewers. So, whether you are renting or buying an exhibition stall, online or offline, here are 3 key features that one must consider, to instill your exhibition stall design in the minds of your visitor:

Be different: Replicating a design idea can often be tempting. But remember, what worked for one may or may not work for you. Moreover, like your product or brand that stands unique, it is a good idea that your stand reflects the same! Replicate none and be open to experimenting with your design. Like mentioned, at an exhibition, you would be surrounded by many others and one way to stand out is via bold and different exhibition stall design.

Illuminate your exhibition stall: Lighting, often an overlooked element plays a pivotal role in your visual appeal. By using the right set of lights, along with correct intensities one can go a long way to create the right mood they want to set up at the stall and can customize it to fit better with a theme or to complement the product line that is being featured. E.g. you are a furniture house that is displaying both a study table and a queen-size bed. The ideal set of light for this scenario could be a bright white light for the study table and a little paler lighter color tone like a yellow for the bed top. One can also creatively use lighting upon important signage, samples, and key features that you wish to draw attention upon.

Enough room to facilitate Customer Engagement: Consider you have a great exhibition stall design, with the right set of representatives, followed by the correct lighting scheme and a set of your best product on display yet you do not hit success. What went wrong? Your engagement with the audience was missing. Even after having the best of best, there are chances of failure if you do not engage with your audience well. Next time you design your exhibition stall, remember to have ample space for engagement. Engagement could be of various types, for e.g screening of a product or service, or a product demo via the latest technology or even a pen and paper demo over the cabinet top! All of this requires space and hence it should be given equal importance and priority when designing an exhibition stall.

Irrespective of being an amateur or a veteran at the fairground, there are always chances of one messing it up on the D-day!

Here are a few pro tips you help you ease:

1. Practice a few opening lines. You could begin with something as simple like, “How are you?”

2.Sleep well. It’s ok to have jitter before the show, but not at all ok to greet your audience with a tired face.

3.Know the company details and your product line and the product or service on display thoroughly. You do not want to be stammering, do you

4.Remember to make your audience feel at ease when conversing with them. Do not bombard them with a host of unnecessary questions and do not ask personal question if the product or service does not demand.



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